7 “do not” on your website or 7 mistakes to avoid

Your website will be much more effective if you avoid these mistakes.

  1. Do not use huge picture files
    High resolution pictures have huge files that take a long time to download and slow your site down. Changing to lower resolution pictures will speed your site up considerably without any loss in quality showing up on screen.
  2. Do not put up text as pictures
    Please do not confuse web page look. It can be frustrating and time consuming for visitors. That is a really bad idea because it takes away people’s ability to adjust the size of the text to make it readable. It also makes the text completely invisible to search engines so it lessens your chances of the site showing up high in searches.
  3. Do not out-of-date information on your site
    Statements like “to be published in 2014” or “I will be coming soon in 20013” make your site look out-of-date and give the impression that you don’t care. If you put this type of information on your site, make a note in your diary of when you need to change it. If you don’t want to spend that much time on your site or you have to pay a web designer to make changes, try to avoid putting dates in your content unless it’s absolutely essential.